Personal Insurance

We work hard to acquire the personal assets we have. Therefore, protecting those assets is important to all of us. The team at Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance will work with you to customize an insurance program to best meet your needs. We represent the best insurance companies available and it is our goal to provide you with an insurance program with the most competitive prices and best coverage available.

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Life, Health, & Medicare Insurance

KSD is here to provide Life and Health Insurance to protect our clients and help protect their wealth. Sadly, unexpected death can occur at any time, and the impact of losing a loved one can ruin your finances. Life insurance can fill financial gaps that develop rapidly when you or someone you love passes away. Having a financial cushion during these tough times lets you and your family maintain the quality of life and the opportunity to continue to live independently.

Life and Health Insurance


If you own a farm, you understand you are insuring not only your personal property but also your livelihood.  A farm is a home and business together and requires special coverage to insure you are properly protected.  At Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance, we will work with you to make sure your home, farm land/crops, farm buildings and equipment are adequately insured. 


Business Insurance

There are many different types of business insurance policies depending on what type of business you have.  It’s important to understand what kind of insurance you need, in order to stay properly protected.  The team at Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance will help you understand your business needs and what kind on insurance you need to protect your business and yourself.

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Finding the right school insurance is just as important as finding the right teachers, books and curricula.  The proper insurance program will protect your building, resources and staff.  Not all school insurance is the same, so let the team at Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance work with you to build a program to best meet your schools needs.

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